Staying top of mind with the people in your business ecosystem is more than just a good practice — it’s critical to your company’s success.

Before the dawn of digital marketing, building genuine relationships and a solid reputation in your community was a business’s most valuable form of currency. We know this because our founder Jamie Shibley grew up in a small business: her grandfather’s flower shop, which he owned and operated for 40 years.

He showed Jamie how to build a business during a time when customers found you because they drove by your store or heard about you from a neighbor or friend. A time when success depended on the relationships made with customers, partnering businesses, vendors, and even competitors.

Today, digital marketing and social media platforms should make building and nurturing relationships easier. However, our businesses exist in competitive and disruptive digital marketplaces where prospects, clients, strategic partners, and even our employees have more options than ever before for how, when, and with whom they work. Most business relationships are now conducted 100% virtually, and working hybrid or from home is the norm.

The people important to our business success are disconnected and distracted, and the typical ways we’ve stayed top of mind with them – email, social media, digital newsletters – are often ignored. The root problem is that we’ve never been more disconnected from one another. Unfortunately, a virtual connection does not equal a personal connection.

In this new digital era, the genuine human connections that enable people to feel seen, heard, understood, and acknowledged are at risk. It’s never been more critical to show that you genuinely care about and appreciate them. If you’re driven to build a thriving business, then it’s critical to engage with your community consistently, make a remarkable impact, and do so memorably and in alignment with the essence of who you are.

So, how do you get someone to stop what they are doing and meaningfully engage amidst all the noise?

That’s where The Expressory comes in.

The Expressory is a strategic engagement company. We’re a team that collaborates with you to develop an effective engagement strategy that will ensure you stay top of mind with the people who matter most to your business.

Strategic engagement goes deeper than sending cards and “click and ship” gifting. Our methodology is rooted in psychology and storytelling tactics to create emotional connections that cement relationships with the people in your business ecosystem. The result? Lasting relationships, repeat business, fuller sales funnels, higher close rates, and a more robust business support system—not to mention a deeper sense of purpose, pride, connection, and meaning for you and your team.

Just like Jamie’s grandfather, we walk the talk when it comes to relationship building and have developed a method to help businesses succeed at it. We know how to capture the attention of the people who are crucial to your business’s success consistently throughout the year in ways that enhance your reputation, elevate your brand, and get people to engage with you. Plus, we will execute everything for you, so you never have to worry about missing an engagement opportunity, dropping the ball on the execution, finding the right words, or choosing the right gift.

When you consistently nurture and invest in relationships, you will create a successful, stable, and thriving business that you can feel proud of for years to come. The Expressory helps you get there.


Don't worry, we've got this! The Expressory helps you effortlessly transform your occasional acts of appreciation and acknowledgment into consistent and thoughtful touchpoints that keep your business top of mind.