Celebrating Customer Success

Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.

For Jamie Shibley, it started with a card. Then, over the many years, Jamie’s appreciation for the expressed feelings, via cards, became a business concept. That was 6 years ago.  I remember we were introduced by a mutual business acquaintance at a networking event. What happened next was truly magical and this isn’t an overnight success story!

Conquer Your Business

with Erin Marcus

Jamie Shibley is a natural giver. It’s that nature that helped her build a premiere networking group. Even her business is centered around helping other entrepreneurs give to their clients. But when circumstances turned things around and basically forced Jamie to be more on the receiving end, she ended up embracing the fact that oftentimes receiving is its own special version of giving.

Onward Nation

Predictive ROI

Jamie Shibley believes that successful businesses are created through building strong relationships with prospects, existing clients, and business associates.

Jamie shares how her career started out in corporate IT, and she explains why she left the corporate world and started her own business and how her first business helped Jamie find her perfect target audience, and how she defines strategic gifting.

Can You Delegate Relationship Building?

with Nicole Bandes

Relationships are an important part of business. From lead nurturing to a great client experience, relationships play a key role. Unfortunately, we've lost a lot of the human touch to automation.
In this episode of Delegate THIS! I talk with Jamie Shibley of The Expressory about how you can keep the human touch in relationships without a lot of extra time and effort.

Building Relationships To Grow Your Business

with Traci Scherck

Which relationships move the needle in your business? Jamie Shibley is the Founder and CEO of The Expressory, a strategic gifting agency that serves business leaders by helping them maintain the human connection in what they do. Jamie joins the show today to talk about the ROI of showing gratitude to all the relationships in your business, from leads to clients to staff, and everyone in between.

Engage Emotional Connection

with Dr. Catherine

In this episode, Jamie Shibley of The Expressory shares how gift-giving, recognition, and shared experiences can help create an engaged company culture. Gifts and recognition are more than gimmicks; they are an expression of how someone value's another person's contribution, effort, and uniqueness.