Weekly video series where we share insights and best practices related to strategic relationship building.

What Swimming Teaches Us About Team Relationships

In my latest video, I break down how swimming teaches us the importance of these relationship-building efforts and the specifics of what we as leaders need to nurture with our teams.

Holiday Gifting Insights - What Everyone Else Is Doing

In an effort to simplify the decision-making process, we're sharing some of the trends we've seen with gifting over the years.

What Makes A Successful Holiday Gift? The Travel Bag Edition

Take a look at our latest video to learn why these components made a difference and how you can apply them to your own gift strategy.

Ideas for Increased Engagement

The secret to increasing the odds of engagement with your mailings is to make sure that you’re planting seeds for further conversation.

The Lasting Impact of a Lamp

This latest video showcases a perfect example of this attribute. Listen to how a couple of iconic brands got it right when it mattered most.

How Gratitude Builds Magnetic Communities

Our latest video tip talks about a simple practice you can implement to make sure that people want to be part of what you offer.

Simplify the Birthday Process

In our latest video, we break down the process that we use at The Expressory to manage client lists and we throw in some tips for standing out with your birthday wishes

The Power of DIY

If you haven't yet heard us talk about the 7 elements of strategic gifting, we'll share that there are in fact elements that increase the emotional loyalty created.

The Secret to Making People Feel Like Family

Traditions are one of our secret weapons in creating gifts that are lasting. They are one of the 7 attributes that make a memorable gifting experience.

The Creative Way to Gift a Tree

Have you ever thought about using a tree as a gift? What about how that tree could create lasting loyalty and make it easy for people to talk about how great it is to work with you?

The Value in Celebrating Moments

Let’s look at the ways that this type of marketing – relationship marketing – does impact your business.

Develop a Strategy to Nurture Your Supporting Business Relationships

The third category of relationships that make a business successful is the collection of relationships that support you. Your team, vendors, peers, advisors, and even coaches.