Monthly Gifting Q&A

How to give strategically & drive revenue

How to Start a VIP Program

January 10th : 10am - 11am CST

Join us to start the new year off with a plan to keep your top clients feeling like VIPs.

We'll share some best practices for VIP programs, including:
Who should be on the list.
How often do they need engagement?
What to send.

Dream 25 with Stephen Woessner

February 7th : 10am - 11am CST

Have you ever considered who would make a dream client? And how would you even begin to land a client like that? In this conversation, we'll share a proven process for nurturing dream prospects and then open it up to answer all your questions.

Podcast Nurturing with Lori Highby

March 14th : 10am - 11am CST

How are you putting your podcast to work from a business standpoint? In this Q&A we're going to discuss a proven strategy for nurturing the relationships with the people you interview. We'll talk about the Trojan Horse of podcasting and how you can cultivate conversion opportunities from some of these interviews.

Marketing With a Book with Henry Devries

April 11th : 10am - 11am CST

Marketing with a book.

The value in giving your book away for prospect nurturing and client appreciation.

Add value to your new client relationships up front by using your book.

Team Appreciation with Megan Schwan

May 9th : 10am - 11am CST

In an era of remote teams, maintaining engagement and showing appreciation is going to be key to retention. In this session, we'll discuss creating a strategic engagement and acknowledgment system. We'll brainstorm ideas to make sure your team feels valued and cared for to keep those relationships strong and motivated.

Tiny Marketing Actions with Karley Cunningham

June 13th : 10am - 11am CST

Sometimes in business, we can make the most progress toward our goals by simply taking small actions to get there. In our next Q&A, we'll cover Tiny Marketing Actions. Small consistent actions that you take, in a highly relational way, to connect with people who support your business growth - Clients, prospects, strategic partners, and even team. Our guest will take us through the impact these consistent actions have made on her business and we'll open it up to discuss how you can apply these things in your space.

Systems and Automation to Support Relationship Nurturing with Melissa Blair

July 11th : 10am - 11am CST

When it comes to relationship building, consistency is key. The return comes from consistent, personal outreach over the long term. But many leaders tell us that consistency is the part they struggle with. In our next Q&A, we'll talk about how to use systems to help keep your outreach consistent, while still maintaining personalization. We'll open it up to discuss ideas for how you can leverage your system to automate some of the reminders and touchpoints that improve your business conversion, retention, and overall success.

Referral Processes That Pay

with Jamie Shibley

August 9th : 10am - 11am CST

This is one of the easiest relationship-building programs you can implement. And it can quickly become an engine for all other relationship-building efforts as it increases the referral rate and opens other opportunities. Let's talk about processes and the all-important - What should I give and how much should I spend?

Relationships That Put You On Stages

with Nona Prather

September 12th : 10am - 11am CST

Whether you're a seasoned speaker or just starting your journey, this is a conversation for you. Nona Prather has spent the last 30 years helping countless speakers achieve success. And one of the superpowers is her understanding of how to nurture the relationships that get people on stages!

In this Q&A we'll cover the following topics, along with all of your burning questions.

• The recommended follow-up approaches she provides her clients

• Some of the effective methods of personalization she’s encountered

• What the meeting professionals expect

All The Ways To Use The Holidays

with Jamie Shibley

October 10th : 10am - 11am CST

Q4 is a busy time of year for all of us - Both personally and professionally. When it comes to the holidays, it's a very common time of year for most businesses to try to showcase their client appreciation. In our October Q&A, we're going to talk through not only your questions related to appreciation gifting but also some of the following pro tips:

Should you use the traditional holidays?

If not Thanksgiving/Christmas, then when?

How to plan ahead for a smooth execution. What makes a stand-out gift, regardless of holiday?

Build Engagement With Your Brand In Mind with Susan Baier

November 14th : 10am - 11am CST

Have you ever had an 80% response rate to your email or text messages? What if we told you that you could share your appreciation and gratitude and get 80% of the recipients to respond to you in some way? That's exactly what happened when Susan Baier, CEO of Audience Audit, completed annual appreciation giving last year. And in this Q&A we'll breakdown what she did, why it mattered, and how to put it to work for your brand.

The Power Of Social Connectedness

with Claudine Francois

December 12th : 10am - 11am CST

Find Your People: Explore the profound impact of building meaningful relationships and fostering community connections on the length and quality of your life. Discover how social connectedness contributes to greater happiness and overall vitality.

Key takeaways: The significance of social connectedness for a longer and more fulfilling life

Join our next Q&A with Claudine Francois, a Board-Certified Functional Medicine & Holistic Health Practitioner, for an insightful session that will empower you to create a more balanced, purpose-driven, and connected life.

More Coming Soon!

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