I save cards. I always have. And I know I’m not alone. Over the years, plenty of people have shared stories of the boxes of cards they have stored in their basement. Or the boxes of cards they find when their loved ones pass away. There’s something about the memories and the feelings evoked when you read through them from time to time. I still have the card from my 8th grade science teacher who wished me success. There’s the card from the very first person I ever managed, thanking me for my guidance. And even messages from a manager of mine, who many years later would accept an invite for a date and eventually ask me to marry him! The thing is, each of these messages hold so much meaning. Meaning that somehow lands differently with each new phase of life. They’re important to me.

Sending cards is equally as important to me. In fact, just as I remember those received, I vividly remember the heartfelt thanks I’ve given to various mentors in my life. And on the flip side, I actually remember the times I should have sent something and didn’t. They stay with me as an opportunity missed.

I may never be able to tell you in person all the wonderful things I think about you, but I can write one heck of a card to share those feelings. I’m not an outwardly expressive person. Never have been. Maybe it’s because I feel so deeply that the act of saying it brings up emotions I’d rather not experience live. In private, I can go as deep as I want, let those emotions run through and feel amazing about sharing the message with you.

Whatever it is, writing the messages in cards has always come easy to me and it’s something I actually really enjoy. I never knew it would be a thing. That it would be a skill that others are impressed by or something people ask me to do for them. But here we are. It turns out that many people want to send memorable messages and gifts, but don’t know how or are too busy and just let time slip by. And that’s where we come in. We’ll make sure that you never miss an opportunity to share your appreciation, let someone know you’re thinking of them or celebrate an important milestone. Because these are the simple acts of kindness that create the kind of relationships that span years.


“Here is a potential partner who has a great reputation. This is going to give us an opportunity to really execute on something that we have been wanting to do for a long time and that really raised the bar above what we thought was possible.”

Stephen Woessner


"Thank you for making my life so much easier! I LOVE my custom cards that your team has made for me. The fact that they handwrite each message and send them out for me is icing on the cake. It would cost me time and money if I were to do that myself. I hate my handwriting so it would take 3 or 4 cards before I would get one I liked enough to send. It's just added stress that I no longer have to worry about."

Melissa Blair


"I highly recommend The Expressory for all of your business needs. I had them put together some gift baskets for my team. Not only did they go above and beyond in choosing the perfect items to include, but they were wrapped exquisitely, and the price was extremely reasonable! Seeing the smiles on the faces of the ladies on my team was all I needed to convince me that I will definitely be reaching out to The Expressory again for future gifts. BRAVO!!!"

Kay Reppen



The tradition and value of a handwritten note will always be timeless. Let us give you a hand (figuratively and literally). Thank, engage, or follow up with all of the people or customers who matter to you most. Every personalized, handwritten note by The Expressory is as unique as it is thoughtful.


Don't worry, we've got this! We make gifting easy. You tell us what the occasion is, what your budget is and what you know about the recipient. We'll take it from there and find you some ideas to make a memorable impression. We'll even draft the messaging for you! Trust us, it's that easy!