Pricing Structure

First things first! In order to understand our service pricing, we'll explain how we define our work.


Mailing cards is what got us started. We consider this the base of your service, no matter which level you select. You can order a standalone card to be written and mailed for you for any occasion*. It is not considered an activation (activation is defined below).

*Per piece charges will be applied to your account with each mailing.

The Expressory cards are priced at $6.05 each.

Bring your own cards for $2.05 each.


We use the term "ACTIVATIONS" to define what gets mailed. Think of this as an occasion or an event for which you'll be requesting something to be mailed. Each activation has a defined set of components and a set price.

For example, if you send a gift to welcome new clients, that gift is defined as one activation. We know what gets mailed each time.

If you send one type of welcome to customers who purchase A and a different welcome gift to customers who purchase B, those are two different activations.

Other examples of activations:

Referral Gift - 1 Activation

Birthday Gift - 1 Activation

Seasonal Mailing - 1 Activation

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